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I'm Adam Linkenauger, the 17+ Year Online Marketing and Business Veteran behind some of the world's biggest online brands! This newsletter gives you immediate access to what's working to grow audience and make money for our many 7+ figure brands and clients!

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"Why The F*ck Are You Giving These Away For FREE?"

Every TIME An ALERT Hits My Inbox- I Forward It To My Team And Tell Them To Do Whatever You Say - It's Prenty Money!"

An "ALERT" is an in the moment email that contains brand new marketing, creator, and/or business strategies, template, or updates that have been tested, proven successful for Sport of Business Brands and/or our clients, and give you STEP By STEP Instructions To Do Them Too!

Our strategies are tested and proven successful before recommended, and you'll only receive an Alert if we know it'll help practically any business!

Here's just some of the ALERTS you'll get:

Funnel Strategies

We've sold millions in digital products, services, and membership sites. Discover what's working for us!

Social Media Growth

We've build numerous world leading brands across a variety of markets that garner millions of followers and up to 1B+ views a year!

Sales Conversion & Customer Value

Increasing customer value and conversion metrics is the name of the game if you want to scale.

Lead Generation

We've generated MILLIONS of leads through organic content and paid lead generations. Swipe our strategies, landing pages, and lead magnet ideas and concepts.


Adam has written 1000s of converting copy pieces in his legendary career, resulting in 8+ figures of revenues for our brands.

Business Growth Systems and SOPs

You truly haven't build a business unless you can step away from it. Get our team building, training, processes, and procedures!

And Much, MUCH More...

How Do Alerts Work?

Step 1: Receive & Open An Alert Email

You receive an open your Alert email from Adam Linkenauger! You'll see it in your inbox easily because they always start with "ALERT" followed by the subject the alert is about.


ALERT: New YouTube Short Hack 5x'd our VIEWS Per Video

Step 2: Read The Easy Implementation Steps

After you open the Alert, you'll get details of the ACTION you can take, the results we're seeing, and exactly how to implement the action!

*We also offer a premium level for Alerts (if you want) where you'll receive a STEP-BY-STEP video to implement the strategy. You can even use the video as a guide to outsource the implementation.

Step 3: Implement into Your Business

Either implement by following the step by step instructions or hiring someone to implement for you! You can even use our videos as a step by step guide for them to implement.

What Makes ALERTS Better Than Other Newsletters?

  • ALERTS are not sent on a schedule. There is no set amount of ALERTS sent each month. Simply, if there's a winning tactic/strategy we discover and prove, you'll receive an ALERT. So each Email you receive contains content that can grow your business.

    No Fluff.

  • ALERTS contain proven social media and/or business growth strategies.

    These strategies have been tested within our businesses, and once found to be successful, are immediately pushed to your inbox. These aren't "yesterday's tactics", when you receive an ALERT- know that these tactics work RIGHT NOW!

  • ALERTS are simply emails I was sending to my partners and team members anyways,

    I'm now just expanding them & including step by step implementation. This list isn't a linchpin of some business. I'll still make some offers and promote things if I feel they're valuable to you, but it will be few and far between compared to most newsletters.

  • No "Info-tainment" here. Just FREE actionable content with Step-by-Step implementation.

    If you're a business owner, you're busy, you already get enough fluff in the inbox. With Alerts, we don't beat around the push.

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