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WELCOME to the Sport of Business 🤝

A podcast and community where we explore topics that have become unpopular to talk about in recent years…

We’re NOT here to embrace the normalization of being average or be content with where we’re at.

We’re on a mission to help you optimize ALL aspects of your business and your life - whether you’re interested in leveling-up your business, financial status, or overall personal wellbeing…we’re all about one thing here at SOB:

You guessed it: WINNING 🏆

If that sounds like you, we invite you to join this community of forward thinking competitors who are working together to accomplish their business goals.

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Ideation of SOB / Deciding on Core Values

Vision Building & Roadmap for the Future of SOB

Foundational Episodes for Podcast Recorded

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Exclusive Community Launch: PRIME

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Giveaway 1 | SOB Executive Book Series 📚

Get our FULL stack of Executive Reads that ALL of our company officers have to read. You’ll get hard copies of the BEST business, finance, personal development, and marketing books we’ve come across.

Giveaway 2 | 2 Hour Consulting Package

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One winner will provide Adam and Ben with details on their business or project, and get a 2 hour strategy session to LEVEL UP their business and steal the plays we’re using to run all of our 6 and 7 figures entities 📈

Giveaway 3 | 2 Hour Consulting Package

Podcast Launch

Launching of the foundational episodes to the SOB Podcast!

YouTube Launch

Merchandise Ideation/Contest

Decide on what SOB Merch will look like, hat items you want to see and more!

Merchandise Launch

Book Launch

The SOB Book will give you practical and proven steps to implement each of the 3 tenants of SOB into your business and into your life.

Audible Release

Audible release of the SOB Book narrated by Adam and Ben.

Digital Mastermind Collective

SOB will create and host a limited digital MasterMind to REALLY dig in on your business, hear from industry experts, and new connections elevate your life and business.

ELITE Level Coaching

Private coaching from Adam and Ben on your business and personal development goals ✅

Live Meet Ups

Further your connections inside of SOB with LIVE Meetups in your area.



Adam Linkenauger is a former 7x ACC Champion Athlete, ACC Champion Coach, National Dunk Champion, and has built multiple world leading online businesses across numerous markets. After 15 years building businesses online, Adam’s cracked the code to developing highly engaged audiences around brands through his unique and highly potent business models. 

Adam’s built numerous multi 6 to 7 figures business internally, as well as consultant 7.8. and even 9 figure companies on how to build  audience and monetize online at scale.



Ben left his Big 4 accounting job after 6 months to start his own brick & mortar small business at the age of 22 years old. 

After building that to a multi-6 figure business, he ventured back into the professional services realm and served as a perfo improvement consultant to financial institutions across the world. 

 Now serving as COO at Sport of Business, he helps scale SOB’s partner entities and manage internal operations.  

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